Na onze koorreis - gelezen op website "Amici Chorus" 18 mei 2015

May18th 2015

Cari Amici,

What an extraordinary experience to meet with such a lovely Dutch choir last week, rehearse together so amicabily and perform so effectively Vivaldi’s glorious Gloria!

Thank you for being such a hard working and trusting choir, so warm and outgoing, so welcoming, so willing to share your art and share hospitality. What a lovely party afterwards … a great place in which to perform music and to be able to share further the experience over a gloss of wine and a finger or two of taramasalata !

None of this is ever possible with out the hard work of a core group … whether in advance , in moving chairs, replacing chairs, arranging food, drinks, serving us all, clearing up! Thank you to all who contributed further to the success of the evening in addition to singing!

I bid farewell to Excelsior yesterday as they and Christopher contributed to the morning service , part of the annual programme of the Sacconi Festival at St Eanswythe’s Folkestone. I am sure we will be in contact soon to arrange our trip to Holland and to embark on the next project.

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